WFCA Club History


WFCA photo mid 1980s
Wyre Forest Company of Archers at Stourport Road

In 1981 as part of the International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP), a 10 week course in archery for the disabled and physically handicapped was organised by Wyre Forest District Council. As a result of the success of this course, an inaugural meeting was held on 15th September 1981 with Ted Turner (WFDC recreation officer) and interested persons with a view to forming an archery club.  Lois Hawkins who was a member of the National Association of Archery Coaches was invited to the meeting to highlight the necessary requirements.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chairman – Lois Hawkins
  • Secretary – Margaret Wildman
  • Treasurer – Ken Pope
  • Records Officer – R Minton
  • Ordinary Members – Jim McLeod, M Corrigan, Terry Beese

The club’s first AGM was held on 10th September 1982. Realising that the club was now growing in size, it was felt that a social secretary also needed to be appointed to manage social events.

Two names were proposed for the newly formed club, Wyre Forest Archery Club and Wyre Forest Company of Archers – attendees voted unanimously for the 2nd one!

Initially there were 18 members (from the meeting) who started shooting at Harry Cheshire High School. The club later moved to Offmoor Farm, then the Stourport Road football ground and finally to its present home at Upper Arley.

Wyre Forest Company of Archers Birthday Shoot 2013
WFCA Birthday Shoot 2019
Wyre Forest Company of Archers Birthday Shoot 2019

If you have more to add to the WFCA story, please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you!

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